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Another extremely embellishing alternative to highlight a mirror installed in the divider is to outline it with a fired outskirt.

All together for the outcome to be a win and the mirror moon is flawlessly surrounded, it is important to make a past plan with the estimations of the mirror, the vital fringes and the correct area of the last mentioned. What's more, the divider or surface where the valance will be put must be spotless and level.

The distinctive bits of the valance are set. To do this, a thin layer of an exceptional clay glue , or a paste mortar, ought to be spread on the surface of the tiles. They are then stuck one by one until the point when they shape the edge of the mirror. For every one of the pieces to be leveled, it is important to give a little blows with the assistance of an elastic hammer or, in its imperfection, with a mallet wrapped in a material guiandonos by a level so they are not one more trimmed than another piece of The valance.

Before setting the mirror in the edge, it is important to cover the joints that stay between the little tiles that make up the valance. To make this grout, spread a particular filling item, let it dry and evacuate the abundance with a moist fabric.

Presently it is just left to clean and appreciate a mirror that will be the joy of the individuals who live in the house.

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